Lisa Cradduck’s work is characterised by traditional printmaking techniques, laborious mark-making and scholarly research. Current research interests include Constructivist dressmaking, 19th century Asylum Architecture, print pedagogy and 15th century block-books. In 2010 she undertook a residency at The Venice Printmaking Studio in Murano, Italy. A large-scale etching of the moon was selected for inclusion in The Venice Biennale of Large Format Printmaking 2013. She has previously exhibited work at The Horse Hospital, and the Ghetto Biennale (Port-Au-Prince) 2009.

Marc Hulson is a visual artist working primarily with painting and drawing. Since 1998 his work has focused on the development of a lexicon of imagery, organised around a principal of alternation between the spectral and the visceral / physical, and on researching pictorial schemata that channel the tension generated by this relationship. His work has been exhibited internationally, including the recent solo exhibition ‘The Yellow Sleep’ (Kunstverein Heppenheim) and the national touring exhibition ‘3AM’ (commissioned by The Bluecoat, Liverpool).

Dean Kenning’s artworks include kinetic sculpture, sound, video, collage and live performance. He is interested in creating a non-contemplative aesthetic of material compulsion and idiocy, but other work is often directly communicative, concerned with political subject matter or used in pedagogical situations. He is interested in this combination of cognitive recognition (communication) and non-recognition (strangeness) as a dialectical method of production, and how it relates to the question of specific artistic function.

Andy Sharp is a writer, musician and multimedia artist. He is the creator of English Heretic, a longstanding and wide ranging project that explores the occulture of the country. Under this moniker he has produced over a dozen releases and publications. He has also lectured and talked on the various threads arising from the creative research undertaken by English Heretic. English Heretic also performs across the UK.


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