Week 2: FILE

Based on E.L Palmer’s prophetic pulp horror, ‘Luxury Complex: Remembering Satan’ was an exhibition as serialised novella, degenerating over four consectutive weekends. (read more)

Week 2: FILE (14-15/03/2015)

As the new upmarket residents begin moving in to the converted children’s hospital, one incumbent in particular is haunted by terrifying, subterranean visions. Undercover cop ’Ricky Phelan’ has been gifted an apartment by an anonymous benefactor after infiltrating a group of radical housing activists. Unbeknownst to Phelan, the child whose identity he has stolen died in this very building in 1982. One night the dead child leads his somnambulant impostor deep into the forgotten basement offices of the building, to a filing cabinet containing mouldy documents – plans to convert London’s hospitals, clinics and asylums into luxury apartments. Has Phelan stumbled upon a secret historical plot? Or is it just a dream?

Week 2 installation view (mural, documentary material)
img_9601 documentary material

another hospital camden hospital hospitals 1 hospitals 2 hospitals 3 hospitals 4 hospitals 5 hospitals 6 hospitals st thomas

File performance
Lisa Cradduck and Marc Hulson – live event/reading 14/03/2015

Week 3


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